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As a franchise partner, we not only ensure that all brand alignments are met but we thrive in our efforts to position the brand in the country, thus, making it desirable in the eyes of our end consumer. We understand luxury and we prove it by the way we make sure to vocalize it in every aspect of our business. We bring results, resulting in long lasting relationships with our partnered brands. 

We operate our business in the heart of the Americas, Panama City. But, with our various businesses, with Standard Capital group, in almost every country in Latin America, we have the ability to operate in almost any country in the LATAM region. 


Option A: 


Back Office Management 

  • Accounting

  • Legal and Compliance

Option B: 


Back Office and Logistics Management

  • Inventory and Logistics

(All sectors included in option A)

Option C: 


Complete Brand Management Service 

  • Payroll Management

  • Employee Management and Human Resources

  • Public Relations 

(All sectors included in option A and B )

Grupo Borghese is dedicated to manage brands that want to explore business opportunities in Panama. 

We will take care of all the administrative aspects of the business in order to make your operation in Panama, a total success.


Within the services we offer you can find the following:

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