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The name is a reference to the Borghese family from Siena. They first gained fame and fortune in the 13th century as magistrates, ambassadors, and other public officials before moving to Rome in the 16th century. From there, their wealth and fame grew considerably. At that time, the Borghese family became patrons of everything beautiful in Rome. Their house, the Villa Borghese and gardens are  some of Rome’s biggest attractions today. In terms of fashion, the Borghese family were known for implementing the latest and establishing fashion trends all over europe.




Gerardo Garcia together with Dagmar Garcia created Grupo Borghese.

Their main objective is the formation of a holding company containing a portfolio of luxury brands to consolidate a group of world -famous brands in the LATAM region.

The group is a fashion arm of the Standard Capital Group (related company) through its major shareholder, Gerardo Garcia.

Gerardo Garcia acts as the President and Chairman of the group, while Dagmar Garcia is the active operating CEO of Grupo Borghese.