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Finance Specialist

Grupo Borghese is looking for a full-time Finance Specialist to join our team. We are looking for a person who is extremely organized, passionate, good with numbers and financial projections, proactive, and responsible. If you think you qualify under these detailed descriptions and you think of yourself as a proactive financial specialist who makes things happen and can make correct analysis and assumptions about upcoming financial decisions, then this is the right place for you. Our group is a great place to find new opportunities. This position is based in Grupo Borghese but will mainly conduct financial duties for our parent company, Standard Capital. RESPONSIBILITIES ● Develop financial models, taking legal limitations into consideration. ● Conduct P&L forecast analysis for future investments of the group and advise opinion in weather or not it would be feasible to invest. ● Participate in regular audits and recommend corrective financial action plans. ● Conduct yearly and quarterly cash flow analysis for ongoing businesses as well as future businesses ● Determine Operating Income needed for upcoming projects ● Developing and implementing financial plans and strategies ● Oversee financial operations ● Providing financial guidance. ● Analize and reporting on financial performance. REQUIREMENTS ● 2+ years of experience in Finance. ● Must have a degree in Finance. ● Must be proficient in Microsoft Excel and Google products. ● Must have exceptional attention to detail and to think outside the box in order to make things happen. ● Impeccable reading and communication skills (in both english and spanish). ● Bilingual (English and Spanish) is a must. This means that an advanced level of proficiency in both languages is required for this position. ● Strong organizational skills and time management skills. Ability to prioritize. ● Strong problem-solving skills and analytical abilities. LET'S WORK TOGETHER!

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