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Mr. Garcia is a business professional with over 25 years of experience in the international financial sector. Mr. Garcia also has led processes “M&A" and Investment Banking. Mr. Garcia is considered an authority in the financial sector and in 1996 was part of the committee that advised the government of Panama in the amendment of its financial regulations. This year, he participated as one of the senior managers within project developed for the Presidential Commission on the amendment of the banking regulations in order to provide advisory on the drafting of the new law that would regulate the banking sector. 


Mr. Garcia is an international personality in the area of Finance and was appointed in 2014 as one of the most influential professionals in the Americas "Power 50" by the Latam Insurance Review. He also received in 2014 in London, the reinsurer of the year. And also appointed Top CEO with more influence in 2015 by 'CEO Insight" and in 2017 CEO of the year in the Global Business Awards by The European.Mr. Gerardo has investments in all areas of the financial sector in different countries, from banking and financial companies to insurance and reinsurance companies. 


He has also founded several companies in the financial sector; such as Barents Re Reinsurance Company Inc., in the reinsurance sector, which has become the largest reinsurance company in Latin America. He has founded multiple insurance companies and is founder of Canal Bank S.A and other finance companies. As he stands right now in the peak of his career, Mr. Garcia is looking to expand his portfolio, and invest in the luxury retail industry.