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Since she was little, Ms. Garcia Lince  has always had a profound fascination for the fashion world. She started her university studies in Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX where she  completed her engineering degree. After that, Dagmar Garcia decided to go chase her dreams, and moved to New York City to attend Parsons School of Design. 


Ms. Garcia Lince has always been passionate about showing the world her  style and so, transmit her message in numerous ways. Throughout her time living in New York City, she had the opportunity of learning from different professionals of the buying, design and merchandising fashion industry.  After her time in NYC was over, Ms. Garcia Lince moved back home to Panama City and decided to start her journey as a fashion entrepreneur. 


Dagmar Garcia founded the Panamanian womenswear brand, DARCÉ in 2018. Throughout this time with the brand, she has had incredible experiences that has shaped her career to a whole different level. She has organized numerous amounts of events with the brand, in which she has conducted every aspect of the organization: from the public relations, to the artistic direction, to the client list and even the whole strategic planning and Coordination. Fashion shows, photoshoots and international pop-ups are just some of the other sides that she’s been in charge of. As she stands in a very important moment of her career, she has decided to expand her business and investment portfolio by focusing  in opening and managing luxury brands in Panama and within the Latin American Region.