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    Marisa Vallarino completed her Bachelor in Business Administration and Diploma in Paralegal Studies at Nova University in Panama City, Panama. She has been involved in the business world for more than 30 years. Mrs. Vallarino stands out for organizing companies from their planning, capitalization, budgets, profitability to their start-up, as it has been the case in the forestry, real estate, reinsurance, and recently, in the fashion industry. ​ Mrs. Vallarino has served as General Manager of Inversiones Hope, S.A., a reforestation company, where she managed for more than 15 years the forestry assets of the company that consisted of species’s plantations. ​ Mrs. Vallarino has been President of the Association of Reforestadores y Afines, Panama (ANARAP), as well as of the National Forest Management Committee. She has been part of different Boards of Directors related to the forestry and environmental sector in Panama and has been in multiple work tables with government authorities for the preparation of the Forest Incentives Law and other issues. ​ Mrs. Vallarino has also stand out for her contribution to the real estate sector where she served as Administrative and Financial Vice President of The Group, Inc., a Panamanian company with local and foreign investors, also represented by real estate investment funds, who bet on the development and growth of the Panamanian sector. ​ Currently, she works as General Manager at Barents Re Reinsurance Company, where she has once again managed to venture into a totally innovative area in her business career. In addition, Mrs. Vallarino joined Grupo Borghese as the group’s Financial Planner, where she has applied the tools and knowledge given by her successful experience in the sector.
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