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Ms. Alexandra Dominguez graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachussets, where she completed her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a double concentration in Marketing and Entrepreneurship and a minor in Global Fashion Studies. She attended an intensive study abroad program in Paris, France, where she learned about business practices in the fashion world, visited prestigious fashion exhibitions and assisted to exceptional speaker panels. She has always being passionate about the fashion world, the industry and how it is evolving day by day.


Prior to joining Grupo Borghese as Communications Manager and Brand Manager Assistant, Ms. Dominguez has had experience in the software and the event planning industry. She worked at Smartbear Software, an information technology company that delivers tools for software development located in Somerville, Massachusetts. Later, she joined a small team at Manifest, formerly Hubweek, a civic and social organization founded by Harvard University, Massachussets Institute of Technology, The Boston Globe and Massachussets General Hospital. There she executed operational, managerial and administrative tasks for the planning and execution of events to celebrate people’s ideas and engage communities around the Greater Boston Area.